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Manufactured in Australia, our automated storage locker solutions are there to keep your valuables safe.


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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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After a growing sense of frustration and worry about the misplacement or potential theft of personal belongings whilst swimming at the beach, A Young Melbournian set out to resolve this issue through providing local beach locker units.

This passion evolved and filtered out into local recreational facilities, so that no matter the activity- whether it be swimming at the beach, enjoying a game of basketball, or spending a day out with family at your local adventure park- you can enjoy your time with total peace of mind that Beach Belongings have your valuables safely secured.

+ Made in Australia, by Australians.

Ready to secure your belongings, choose Beach Belongings.

We are thrilled to be providing this new and exciting amenity to local recreational hot spots,
and can not wait for you to try out our state-of-the-art locker units for yourself.

Safety + Convenience = Superior experience. That’s the Beach Belongings way.

Already using Beach Belongings? Check out our FAQ using the button below to learn the ins and outs of our product!

Storing your belongings has never been easier with Beach Belongings.

Having a day out at the beach or spending some time at a local recreational facility, water park or sports stadium? Beach belongings locker units provide the perfect valuables storage solution that is easy to use, incredibly convenient & covid-safety considerate. Secure your own personal locker space that can be unlocked from your mobile phone, or opt to set a 4- digit pin and store your phone in your locker while you enjoy your time nearby.

The Product.

Research & Development

Months of research, equipment testing and location scouting led to the development of
Beach Belongings- an innovative, user friendly and experience-enhancing company that
would provide highly durable, sleek, modern and weather resistant lockers for both indoor
and outdoor recreational facilities and beachside locations.

Australian Made & Owned

Manufactured in Australia using high quality equipment and featuring the Yellowbox digital
locking system, Beach Belongings strives to provide users with a seamless, convenient and
covid-considerate service to encourage them to get the most out of their everyday
experiences that are somewhat compromised through the inconvenience of holding keys,
phones, wallets etc.

Advantages of a Smart Locker

Whether it is the 24/7 in-app support available to you, the peace of mind and theft risk
reduction, or the convenience they provide, We hope that our lockers are loved and enjoyed
by all users. Whether its a fun day out with family and friends, training for an upcoming
sporting event or going for a leisurely swim or surf, beach belongings is there to ensure you
no longer have to run the gauntlet by leaving your keys on the front wheel of your car, under
your towel, in your shoes, or hidden so well you may not be able to refind them yourself.