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Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

FAQ - Beach Belongings
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  • I am a first-time user and wish to access a locker. What do I do?

    Please download the free Yellowbox mobile phone app and register an account with a valid Payment method. Once you have created an account, please stand within 1 metre of our locker bay and select your location on the map within your Yellowbox app screen. This will prompt you to select a locker size. Please select OK. You will be allocated a locker space. Please use your in-app button to ‘open’ your locker space when you require. From this screen you can also click the ‘end booking’ function which will end your session.

  • How do I register a payment method in my account?

    From the main menu in your Yellowbox app, please select ‘Wallet’. From here, click ‘Add Payment method’.

  • How much does it cost to use a locker?

    User’s are charged an hourly rate. This is displayed in your app account when you select your location on the map. User’s are charged to the minute- similar to parking- and this is all processed through your app.

  • How does Beach Belongings abide by COVID Safe practices?

    In addition to regular cleaning of all locker spaces, Beach Belongings’ self-serve mechanism decreases the sharing of a communal screen, eradicates any need for people to cue/stand in close proximity to one another, enables users to control their locker through their own mobile phone and eliminates the need for shared locker keys/fob tags/wrist bands etc. 

    The Auto-allocation algorithm of Yellowbox lockers also allocates users the locker space that has been idle the longest- reducing transmission risk of COVID-19. 

    In- app payment processing reduces the need for in-person payments & cash exchange. 24/7 In-app support reduces the need for in-person support and interaction (though it is available if you require).

  • I wish to store my phone in my locker? Is this possible?

    Absolutely! In your Yellowbox account settings, Select ‘Account & PIN’. Under ‘Keypad pin’ select the ‘Set’ option. You will be prompted to set a new 4 digit code. This can be used to unlock your locker through the keypad located on the exterior of your locker door.

  • What if I have set up a 4-digit PIN in order to store my phone inside my locker, and I forget my pin number?

    In cases where you are unable to access your locker due to forgetting your pin, please find a staff member. They will be able to help you.

  • The signage says the lockers are available from 8-5pm (varies depending on location), How will I know that it’s almost time to collect my things from my locker if I have forgotten the closing hours?

    Whilst it is a user’s responsibility to keep track of closing times, your Yellowbox app will send you a notification 1 hour prior to closing hours to remind you that you only have 60 minutes left of your booking time and to collect your things within this time frame.

  • It is 7pm and lockers ‘closed’ at 5pm. I have my phone on me, but my belongings are still in my locker and my app wont allow me to access my space. What do I do?

    Please visit your Yellowbox App Menu & Select the ‘Support’ option. You will be directed to a live chat with the Yellowbox Team who will assist you.

  • It is 7pm and lockers ‘closed’ at 5pm. My belongings are still in my locker including my phone, which means I am unable to access the 24/7 In-App Support. What do I do?

    Enter your 4-digit PIN to unlock your locker.

  • I have been allocated a locker space & someone’s belongings have been left inside. What do I do?

    Please contact Yellowbox Support through your Main in-App menu and report this to the Yellowbox team. They will be able to ensure the last person using that space is notified and their items are returned safely.

  • Can I use multiple lockers at once?

    Unfortunately, No. The Yellowbox app enables users to use one space at a time. We do however offer different sized (small and larger) spaces at certain locations, which may be beneficial if you have additional items you wish to store.

  • Is there anything I am not allowed to store within my locker?

    Items including food & perishable goods, explosives, drugs and alcohol are prohibited from being stored within our lockers. For a full list of prohibited items, please see our Terms & Conditions.